Laxflugor av Scotty Howel

Scotty Howell är en framgångsrik flugbindare och fiskare från Bothell, Washington USA.
Alla fotografier och mönster tillhör Scotty Howell.

Ringneck Carran

HOOK – Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi #2091) Blind-Eye – Size 1.5
TAG – Fine Gold Oval Tinsel and Orange UniStretch
TAIL – Two Natural Ringneck Pheasant rump feathers (tied as a collar)
BUTT – Black-dyed Ostrich Herl
BODY – 1/2 Benecchi’s Dark (Burnt) Orange Iridescent Thread, 1/2 Orange Seal Fur dubbing – veiled at mid-body
VEIL – Natural Ringneck Pheasant rump feather over Pale (Orange) Flame Saddle Hackle over Silver Doc Blue Saddle Hackle
RIB – Small Gold Oval Tinsel over Seal
COLLAR(S) – Natural Ringneck Pheasant rump feather under KF Blue-dyed Guinea Fowl
HEAD – Danville 6/0 un-waxed Fl/Fire Orange Flymaster thread
© Scotty Howell


The Rajah

HOOK – Alec Jackson Spey (Daiichi 2050 or 2051) Size #3
TAIL – Orange-dyed Polar Bear
BODY – Pearl Mylar Tinsel
EGG/SHOULDER – ’Roe’ formed with HareLine ’Dark Roe’ Hot Glue Stick
COLLAR – Hot Orange Hen Hackle
WING – Fl White Calftail accented with Spirit River Pearl/Green Lite-Brite
HEAD – Danville no-wax 6/0 Fl/Fire Orange Flymaster thread
© Scotty Howell

Kommentar: According to Trey Combs, the ’Rajah’ was first tied in 1967 by Arthur Solomon of Spokane, WA. This colorful, yet subtle Steelhead pattern is ideal for low-water conditions and has also proven to be very effective for Dolly Varden and Silver Salmon.

Madore’s BUG

HOOK – Daichi #2131 – ”Bob Veverka Classic Salmon” – Size #2
TIP/TAG – Fine Gold Oval Tinsel
TAIL – (tied short) Orange-dyed Polar Bear topped with sparse Pearl/Green Lite-Brite
BUTT – Chartreuse and Chinese Red UniStretch
BODY – 3 equal segments of Fl Yellow Ostrich Herl and Shell (Shrimp) Pink Saddle Hackle between each segment
HEAD – Danville no-wax 6/0 Fl-Fire Orange Flymaster thread
© Scotty Howell

Kommentar: The ”Bug” is the creation of Marc Madore, a professional guide and Master fly tyer from Canada. While this pattern was designed for the famed Miramichi river, its grub-like qualities would make it a great damp fly for Pacific Northwest Salmon and Steelhead.

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